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Ciudad Empresarial, Huechuraba.

Santiago de Chile, Chile.

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ACG increases efficiency in the used car market value chain through technology and infrastructure creation. After just 2 years since its foundation, ACG is becoming one of the largest used car trading houses in North and South America, establishing itself as the first option for consumers and companies when selling a car by enhancing the selling experience, continuously innovating through a simplified, expedite, transparent and secure process, and from there source dealers through an on-demand platform with the most diverse used car inventory and financing. These building blocks are now enabling ACG to further expand through financing and software products and services increasing its scalability and fast-growing business model even further.


Selling a car is usually difficult, stressful, risky and time-consuming. With ACG´s platform, a consumer can sell a car by going online and receiving an instant quote, book an appointment, get the car inspected for free in one of the many professional purchasing locations and receive instant payment in an easy, transparent, secure and fast process. Additionally, for a company that owns a fleet, ACG purchases its cars helping the company to offload its inventory in a transparent and expedite process.

  • Professional location, instant transfer and secure bank transfer payment

  • 60-minute process and sale

  • Pricing expectations set prior to sale, and transparent pricing system

  • Access to financing products for your next car

  • Lead generation for your next purchase


Through its platform and technology, dealers have now a continuous, transparent and secure way of sourcing cars, enabling them to invest their time in selling cars, rather than hunting for cars to sell. It is estimated that more than 50% of car dealers time is spent on the hunting of used cars.

​With ACG, dealers receive a daily flow of certified, verified and inspected used vehicles. Their preferences are known, so supply is targeted specifically to dealers who are looking for certain makes/models. Additionally, dealers can purchase cars with financing possibilities for increasing their growth possibilities.

  • Daily flow of certified, verified, inspected used vehicles

  • Preferences known so supply is targeted specifically to dealers who are looking for certain makes/models

  • Financing possibilities